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Preventing disease progression to prevent death

Most malaria deaths occur in rural areas where healthcare facilities are more often than not several hours away, it is therefore vital to slow-down the disease progression while on-route to a hospital where parenteral artemisinin derivatives or quinine can be administered.

At present the pre-referral phase of the treatment is managed through the administration of artesunate rectal suppository (ARS), if other options are not available. However, ARS is not indicated if a child is suffering with diarrhoea.

ArTiMist™ was designed with a child in mind; a child living in a challenging environment where healthcare resources can be very scarce and time is of the essence.

ArTiMist™ is the world’s first sub-lingual spray for the treatment of P. falciparum severe paediatric malaria. The active pharmaceutical ingredient in ArTiMist™ is artemether which is a widely used anti­-malarial and is currently administered by infusion or orally in a tablet form.

ArTiMist™ is administered sub-lingually (under the tongue) and enters the bloodstream where the parasite lives, attacking at a far greater speed than conventional tablets and reducing the need for continued hospitalisation whilst presenting significant cost savings to governments and relief organisations.

ArTiMist™ is especially effective in the treatment of children and young infants who are experiencing malaria-related gastro-intestinal problems and cannot tolerate oral treatments.


  • Does not require medically trained personnel to administer
  • Not affected by GI complications
  • By passes the liver and the significant metabolism seen from the first pass effect.
  • Does not require a fatty diet for maximum effect
  • Rapidly absorbed
  • Negates risk of infection from needle injury
  • Can be administered in comatose patients
  • Does not require cold chain storage
  • Long shelf life

ArTiMist™ addresses a major unmet medical need in the paediatric treatment of severe malaria and uncomplicated malaria with GI complications. It also directly addresses the WHO requirement to provide a novel solution to minimise treatment delays to reduce morbidity.

ArTiMist™ in 2011 was identified by Thompson Reuters as one of the World’s 5 most promising drugs in Phase III clinical development. Its intrinsic characteristics (efficacy, user-and-patient friendly, hygienic and non-toxic) could make ArTiMist™ the pre-referral treatment of choice, as its initial administration could be done at community level by individuals that are not necessarily medically trained.

Product characteristics

ArTiMist™ is contained in a 10mL, Type 1 glass bottle fitted with a valve pump and a 100µL actuator constructed from pharmaceutical grade materials and are commercially available off-the-shelf.

ArTiMist™ contains 7.9mL of 60mg per mL artemether in mygliol base with a menthol flavour.

Each container contains sufficient solution for 50 actuations; each actuation contains 6mg of artemether. Artemether is stable for 48 months at 30C 75%RH (ICH 4)