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Malaria Research Company Pty Ltd (MRC) is an Australian-incorporated wholly owned subsidiary of ASX-listed SUDA LTD, which is a leading company in oro-mucosal drug delivery.

MRC owns the intellectual property and global rights to ArTiMist™, the world’s first sublingual spray for the treatment of p. falciparum malaria. The active pharmaceutical ingredient in ArTiMist™ is artemether, which is a widely used anti-malarial and is currently administered parenterally and orally in a tablet form.

MRC has successfully completed clinical development of ArTiMist™ including a pivotal Phase III trial of ArTiMist™ in severe paediatric malaria. The Phase III trial confirmed that the sublingual spray is superior to the current gold standard intravenous quinine treatment. The regulatory dossier is being prepared and will form the basis of applications for marketing approval.

MRC aims to monetize ArTiMist™ through a global partnership or trade sale to the laubner pharmaceutical industry .